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April Dawn's Avatar April Dawn 03:56 PM 10-12-2010
Where would we like to go tomorrow? It's supposed to be cloudy and cooler with a slight chance of a sprinkle - hopefully any rain will hold off until afternoon.

I will nominate North Cary park, but I am definitely open to going elsewhere if you all prefer another place!

Zoeanne's Avatar Zoeanne 06:18 PM 10-12-2010
We're hoping to make it this week.
obxbound's Avatar obxbound 09:58 PM 10-12-2010
North Cary Park and the twins don't get along so well right now. They (and I) loved it a month ago and I'm sure we will fall in love again next month, but right now it is the second level of hell for me. Ok, slight exaggeration, but they seem to be at the age where that park isn't safe for them.

Can I suggest Carolina Pines Park off of Lake Wheeler Road (just off of I-40 near the State Farmer's Market)? The address is 2305 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh.

Since it is so close I may try to hit the farmer's market first thing as well if anyone wants to join. If not, see you at 9:30ish!
maotmsmi's Avatar maotmsmi 10:33 PM 10-12-2010


Biscuits & Gravy 10:39 PM 10-12-2010
LOL! I was waiting to see if you came in here to object since you told me about your current dislike for N. Cary! I didn't want to speak for you though. I feel the same way about Apex Community.

Carolina Pines works for me.

I'm hoping Carhootel shows up in here to say that she'll be there with something special for me.
Zoeanne's Avatar Zoeanne 10:46 PM 10-12-2010
In that case, not sure if we'll make it or not, since I'm not keen on driving 20 miles on I-40 in the morning

Hope to see you ladies again soon, though. You are such a sweet welcoming bunch adult interaction is good.
April Dawn's Avatar April Dawn 11:27 PM 10-12-2010
We're out, then. Have fun!
Biscuits & Gravy 11:30 PM 10-12-2010
Originally Posted by April Dawn View Post
We're out, then. Have fun!

Is there another park that is not N. Cary that we can all agree on?
pearl2's Avatar pearl2 11:43 PM 10-12-2010
I am definitely in for something close to my house!! YES!!
Carhootel's Avatar Carhootel 11:48 PM 10-12-2010
OK, I'm just looking at cary parks and rec and will suggest a few in N. (ish) Cary. Godbold Park? Davis Drive Park? Bond Park?
Carhootel's Avatar Carhootel 11:54 PM 10-12-2010
Oh and what was that park we went to that MJoKirk walked to? I liked that one! But then, I like them all for the most part
April Dawn's Avatar April Dawn 11:58 PM 10-12-2010

It's fine to have it at Carolina Pines. Then people can go to the farmer's market and it will be closer for some of the Raleigh people who don't get to come to playgroup as much. We'll just skip it because I honestly didn't like that park at all. There seemed to be nothing for a kid his age - the climbing structure was too much for him, and no sandbox or baby sized slide. Last time we went there, he was cranky because he was bored. So, I really need to take him somewhere that he can burn energy. But seriously, go ahead and have it at Carolina Pines; I will hit another park with him and I will see you all next week.

Biscuits & Gravy 12:00 AM 10-13-2010
There is a toddler sized playground at the top of the park, closer to the swings, and the bigger one at the bottom.

ETA: the ground cover for the toddler playground is sand, too.
April Dawn's Avatar April Dawn 12:14 AM 10-13-2010
OK, thanks B&G. I guess we never saw the toddler playground last time we went. I was sitting and talking with people down near the big climbing structure, and N just was cranky and fussy the whole way home because he basically did nothing but stand there all morning, as I didn't know there was anywhere else for him to play. So I want to avoid a repeat of that. Maybe we will come check out the toddler play area. Or we could choose another park since this one doesn't work as well for Zoe. But on the other hand, this location works well for some other people. Playgroup covers such a wide geographic range these days, it's hard!

Some week I think we should go to Annie Jones park again! That one had some really cool play structures, and it was laid out well so that the big kids and little kids play equipment wasn't too far apart.
obxbound's Avatar obxbound 12:28 AM 10-13-2010
Sorry to totally usurp the the locale. I am open to other places. I just didn't want to object without alternative. It would be great to see pearl2 and I was also wondering if cadensmamma might be able to join too.
Curlyfry7's Avatar Curlyfry7 01:02 AM 10-13-2010
I am neutral on the park itself but like the location of Carolina pines-one of the closer ones to me

However, I will just see what is decided.
MJoKirk's Avatar MJoKirk 01:42 AM 10-13-2010
Originally Posted by Carhootel View Post
Oh and what was that park we went to that MJoKirk walked to? I liked that one! But then, I like them all for the most part
I am totally open to whatever, but wanted to say that the park I can walk to is Godbold park. Whatever is decided- I will be there!
Zoeanne's Avatar Zoeanne 08:14 AM 10-13-2010
No problem if ya'll go to Carolina Pines. I know there are people in Raleigh who don't often make it due to distance. And it isn't actually much further for me than Cary/Morrisville, but I hate driving that far on 40, especially during rush hour. Have fun, and we'll see you another week
Carhootel's Avatar Carhootel 09:51 AM 10-13-2010
OK, sounds like Carolina Pines is it! See you all there at 9:30!
Biscuits & Gravy 09:55 AM 10-13-2010
Originally Posted by Carhootel View Post
OK, sounds like Carolina Pines is it! See you all there at 9:30!
I. Can't. WAIT!!!
MJoKirk's Avatar MJoKirk 10:25 AM 10-13-2010
Originally Posted by Biscuits & Gravy View Post
I. Can't. WAIT!!!
I am extremely curious as to your level of excitement for whatever Carhootel has for you. Hehe.
MJ13's Avatar MJ13 10:32 AM 10-13-2010
We'll be there at some point too. We're moving very slow this morning
CadensMama's Avatar CadensMama 10:51 AM 10-13-2010
Morning! We are going to try to make it since it's definitely much closer than the usual playgroups. I've got a little bit of a sinus infection lingering so I'm a bit slow moving at getting us up and ready and out of the house, but I'll try to be there maybe around 10. Hope to see you all there!
ncbelle's Avatar ncbelle 06:09 PM 10-13-2010
Sad I missed everyone again this morning. I had to meet with my dissertation committee today - scary! At least it's over .... for now
pearl2's Avatar pearl2 06:57 PM 10-13-2010
Hope that went well!

I'm so glad I was able to make it this week! We had a great time and look forward to next week. SO good to talk with everyone!!
CadensMama's Avatar CadensMama 10:30 PM 10-13-2010
So glad we made it too! Caden had so much fun that he actually took a nap when we got home! That's the first time he's taken a nap in nearly 2 months! Could nap strike be over? Hopefully it's not just a one time thing.

Good seeing everyone. Now that Dan is back at work from recovering from his surgery we should be able to make it out more often, even if it is to Cary or Apex.