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ccsmommy's Avatar ccsmommy 05:16 PM 10-20-2010
Hi All. I'm new the I just wanted to introduce myself. I am in Belmont, NC, just outside of Charlotte. I'm an environmental professional turned SAHM. I own a placenta encapsulation business; Wombmart. I am a wife and mommy of two (4 years and 4 months) and loving motherhood! I breastfeed and practice natural living (as much as possible). And I am looking to build a wonderful, caring, sharing village for me and my family. I host a group (Belmont Playgroup) and I look forward to meeting and communicating with other like-minded mommies.

Breastisbest2008's Avatar Breastisbest2008 02:43 PM 10-22-2010
MamaAsheri's Avatar MamaAsheri 07:05 PM 11-14-2010
Hi ccsmommy! I am in North Charlotte (close to university area). Does that make us close? What is a meet up group (as in, mommies only or kids too)? I have one DS who is 2 1/2 and we hope for more children. Welcome from a new member. smile.gif
ccsmommy's Avatar ccsmommy 01:27 PM 11-15-2010

Hi MamaAsheri!  Yes, we are relatively close. is a site that brings people of like minds and situations together.  On there, I organize the "belmont playgroup".  You should check it out.  Really cool site.

MamaAsheri's Avatar MamaAsheri 12:39 PM 11-16-2010
mamajjr's Avatar mamajjr 11:11 AM 11-18-2010

Welcome!  We are at the Charlotte/Mt. Holly line.  I go to Belmont quite a bit.

2socksmom's Avatar 2socksmom 05:58 PM 12-01-2010

I live just outside of Belmont/Mt. Holly.  I work part time and stay home with my 7 month old son 5 days a week.  I would love to check out your meetup.  I find this area has few supporters of AP style parenting.  Would love to meet you!

Amrichey1022's Avatar Amrichey1022 07:41 PM 01-27-2011

I am new and live in Texas at the moment(army family), but I grew up in Mt. Holly. (East Gaston! woo!) We will be moving back to the area within the year. My husband and I lived in Kings Mountain prior to moving. :) Most of my friends from home are childless or the AP/breastfeeding/gentle parenting approach is foreign to them.. It would be nice to have someone to talk to. Placenta encapsulation is very cool.

mama java's Avatar mama java 03:50 PM 04-04-2011

Cool! I just joined too.


I'm in Gastonia, so you're right next door!  I'll look up the Belmont playgroup. My boys are 23 months and 3 months, and we don't know very many families with children their age.

StarCoveter's Avatar StarCoveter 12:00 PM 04-12-2011

I'm in Matthews, so I know that's quite a drive, but hello!  I'm a new mama to a 3.5 month old girl, Adelaide.  We practice much of the attachment parenting style, and right now I stay at home but will be returning to work in August as a teacher.



nomadsindiansaints's Avatar nomadsindiansaints 06:09 PM 04-30-2011

You'll probably find more nearby AP mamas here: