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circle vortex's Avatar circle vortex 08:19 AM 11-10-2010

DD has no school and so we wanted to go to a park.  I was thinking Powell dr park in Raleigh.


This is an open to everyone. 

Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 09:54 AM 11-11-2010

I'm waiting on my car still.  


They replaced one part, and said it needs to be driven a little before that part stops triggering the check engine light.  So one guy drove it home last night and then back to the shop this morning, but then the other thing was triggering the check engine light again.  They reset that again, and now they are driving it around a little.  Any minute now they will call and tell me if it passed this time.

circle vortex's Avatar circle vortex 12:15 PM 11-11-2010

fyi  that park has no restroom greensad.gif

Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 02:22 PM 11-11-2010

I got my car back now.  And I finally have a CORRECT inspection cert to take to the DMV.  Maybe I can get a new license plate now and turn in the one that was registered to the previous owner.