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walker67's Avatar walker67 09:13 AM 11-11-2010

Hello Mamas!


I was wondering if any of you had a babsitter that you loved who would come to Willow Springs for a Saturday late afternoon/evening?

I am not ready to call in a stranger, unrecommeded. KWIM.


Thanks so much in advance,


MJ13's Avatar MJ13 04:21 PM 11-11-2010

I'm trying to send you a PM but it isn't working... My sister is a Meredith Sophmore who is looking for some new families to babysit for smile.gif


Back to trying to send a PM!!!!

Tenk's Avatar Tenk 09:30 AM 11-22-2010

I'm willing to help out some Saturday nights, but it would have to be in my home because I have 5 kids of my own.  They LOVE to have guests over though, and after 5 adding more to the mix is really easy.



circle vortex's Avatar circle vortex 12:29 PM 11-28-2010

I can also help out