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caz77's Avatar caz77 07:18 PM 01-03-2011

Hello!  DH accepted a new job at UNC, and we are officially relocating from Boston to the Chapel Hill area for May 1.  Although it's still months away, I thought I'd introduce myself and start to get to know a little bit about the area.  I have a DS who will start kindergarten in the fall and a DD who will be one when we move (where has the time gone?!?!).  I've always worked full-time, but am planning taking a few months to get everyone settled after the move and then switching over to part-time after DS starts school, which is both exciting and scary.


Anyway, I look forward to getting to know other mamas in the area in the coming months and possibly even meeting up in person after we move!


Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for locating housing, healthcare providers, etc., I welcome them!



rhiOrion's Avatar rhiOrion 10:58 AM 01-04-2011



Congrats on your move, you'll probably love it here!  Especially moving in spring time, when NC is, IMO, at its very best. 


My DD turns one in April, too, so it'll be nice to have another triangle mama with a kid near in age to mine. 


You have plenty of housing options around you.  Chapel Hill is known for excellent schools, but also a higher cost of living.  Durham is known for less-than-excellent schools but a lower cost of living and a great community feel.  Then there are lots of smaller communities all around, too! 


Anyhow, just wanted to give you a quick welcome.

caz77's Avatar caz77 07:02 PM 01-09-2011

Thank you!  We're really excited to make this change!


We'll be coming down in March to secure housing and what-not. We're currently a one car family and would like to keep it that way, so we're hoping to find something within cycling distance to UNC for DH... We'll see!

rhiOrion's Avatar rhiOrion 10:31 AM 01-10-2011

There's also a decent bus system in CH, if you have trouble finding something within biking distance. 

beanma's Avatar beanma 08:51 AM 01-11-2011

I'm sure you can find something w/in cycling distance. I think the whole town is w/in cycling distance unless he really doesn't like to ride far! There are some big hills in town if he's trying to avoid that. The Carrboro route is usually less hilly in general, but it depends on the neighborhood. My DH walks to his UNC office or takes the bus, but he usually walks for the exercise.


Chapel Hill/Carrboro is very small compared to Boston, so pretty much anywhere in either town is bike-able, I'd think. I'm not sure I'd want to bike from more outlying areas like Durham or Hillsborough to UNC, but I'm sure there are some die-hards who do it.


There are lots of cyclists in CH/C, though, so he'll have plenty of company. The towns are pretty bike friendly although there's always room for improvement.  There are bike lanes on many of the main roads and some dedicated bike paths away from the roads, too.


Like RhiOrion said, CH/C has a good bus system and the buses are ALL FREE and very popular with lots of students and faculty as well as just folks about town. They're not skanky at all. My kids are still thrilled at the prospect of riding the bus on an outing. (They don't ride the school bus.)


We do have two cars, but parking on campus is a big pain in the butt and DH rarely drives unless he's got to go somewhere else that day (like to the kids' school for a special celebration or some other event). I'd say he drives to work once a month or less, so I think one car is totally doable. It would be better for you to be the one with the one car, though. My kids love the bus, but it's easier if it's Daddy taking the bus to and from work rather than trying to wrangle all the errands and kid stuff and groceries, etc on the bus. We do use the second car on the weekends and evenings when we go in different directions.


Happy moving!

caz77's Avatar caz77 07:44 PM 02-05-2011

Thanks for the tips about the bus - we have actually signed a lease on a house just north of campus on the bus line and within cycling distance as well.  Now we're just waiting for winter in Boston to be over so we can move! 


I'm starting to look forward to finding a pediatrician - we do vax, so I don't have that hurdle to overcome, but we co-sleep more often than not, DD will probably continue to nurse multiple times a night until she's a teenager (LOL!), and we subscribe to other AP parenting values that I prefer not to have to hide or defend... any suggestions?