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sapphos's Avatar sapphos 06:15 PM 01-05-2011

Hey mamas, as I've been posting we're planning a move to Nashville, however DH is starting his new job this coming Wednesday and we're looking for a room for him to rent. Maybe someone knows of something? He'll be working at the International airport so prefer something within 10 - 20 minutes of there. 


Looking for something that is preferably furnished (bed and dresser are fine)


quiet and safe neighborhood

if there are pets in the house that's fine 

no more than 350 per month utilities included


He's quiet, clean, respectful, not uber crunchy but very open minded, and gets along well with everyone. 


if anyone knows of something please let me know ASAP because he needs it for next Tuesday. (and yes I have already been scouring Craigslist LOL). 


Thanks mamas!