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Emilyann's Avatar Emilyann 06:40 AM 03-25-2011

 Just wanted to see if anyone else is expecting in Memphis or alreayd have any little ones. I'm not sure how I feel about raising my baby in one of the most dangerous cities and was hoping for some feedback from others who have been there done that.

OdinsMommy0409's Avatar OdinsMommy0409 08:11 AM 03-26-2011

I'm in Memphis. There are a good handful of other Memphis area moms on MDC too. As for one of the most dangerous cities, Memphis is a very pocketed city so you can literally live on the otherside of a street/backyard and be fine. Violent crime in particular generally stays within its own neighborhood/block. When you see statistics like that, they use a 5 mile radius. Memphis pockets are significantly smaller than a 5 mile radius so it's a very inaccurate portrayal of the city as a whole. Now, if you live in one of those pockets, it's a different story, but I have plenty of friends and family who literally live a few blocks away from certain pockets and have never had a concerning incident.


Are you using an OB or midwife? How far along are you?

Emilyann's Avatar Emilyann 05:34 PM 03-26-2011

Thanks!! Yeah I've been living in mymephi 19 years and I've had a few scary incidents but when I found out I'm pregnant I started to worry. I'd love to be able to raise my child in what I've adopted a my home town.

I'll be using an OB though I'd prefer a midwife, and today  am 9 weeks!!!

3jays's Avatar 3jays 08:10 PM 03-31-2011

I lived in Memphis my entire childhood ( I am now in Nashville).  I love Memphis and I often wish that I was back home.  I had a great childhood there and I wish I was there raising my own children.  I feel that change is on the horizon in Memphis.  I would to be a part of the movement thats going there.  Be encouraged!