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fairyandgnome's Avatar fairyandgnome 03:13 PM 03-26-2011

Hey everyone! I am currently apprenticing here in Ga, but am looking for a move to a state more friendly to CPMs. There are a few states on my lists, SC being one of them. I am trying to get a hint as to what the homebirth climate is in SC. Are there many CPMs? Are there areas (hopefully somewhere on the coast) that are in need of a CPM? Midwives looking for a partner? Any info you can offer up would be great.

greenhands's Avatar greenhands 08:01 PM 03-26-2011

 Hi!  SC has 28 licensed midwives currently.  I am not certain but it seems like a substantial number of LMs also have the CPM credential. Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand area is definitely an area in need of a midwife.  The closest midwife lives in Florence and might not be there much longer. 

You could also try Hilton Head/Beaufort/Bluffton area.  Though there is a birth center and a homebirth CNM in the Savannah area, the Charleston area midwives still get calls to attend births down there fairly regularly.  Feel free to ask me more questions--I've been involved in the SC birth community for about 9 1/2 years. 

julietd's Avatar julietd 06:02 AM 03-27-2011

I agree about the Myrtle Beach area needing a midwife. Talking to women I know in the area expecting they have not had any luck in finding a local midwife here.

fairyandgnome's Avatar fairyandgnome 11:48 AM 03-27-2011

Thanks for the responses!  I considered Myrtle Beach, but I am not a fan of that area or Savannah so I think Im goin gto look further inland.


It was suggested to me to look in Greenville. I know there are quite a few midwives there, but I wouldnt mind working in an established Birth center either. Its also not far my family and as I understand it.. more of a "green" enviroment.


Any pros or cons about the area you guys can offer? Do you think the rea is over saturated with MWs already?

4midablemama's Avatar 4midablemama 02:18 PM 04-03-2011

We have several birthing centers operating in the Greenville/Spartanburg area, and it seems like we have more midwives every day, but I feel that we really need more of them to hook up with hospitals and private practices. I'm a VBAC mom, by law, I can't just go to a birthing center or contract a midwife, I have to find one who works with M.D. back-up and see her in a regular doctor's office. And as far as I can tell, there just aren't enough midwives who work in partnership with the docs to handle the moms like me who don't have the options that non-VBAC moms have.

fairyandgnome's Avatar fairyandgnome 06:31 AM 04-10-2011

WOW. I think I need to restudy my geography. LOL. hubby suggested the idea of a mini vacation in Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks and I said something about Not caring for being that close to Savannah.. and He showed me a map. North of charleston... and all this time I was thinking it was south of Charleston. Soooo. we are going to head out there over my Birthday in May to check out the area!



Is there any reason that you guys can think of that might keep a MW from working out there? I am just wondering why there isnt one in the area..

moonfirefaery's Avatar moonfirefaery 07:27 AM 04-10-2011

SC is very open to CPMs, though I hear it's hard to find a preceptor if you're training. We also have some amazing birth centers. :) I think the upstate region is probably more open to homebirth being mostly rural, but I'm down here in Charleston and am pretty comfortable. Though, I'm not a CPM, lol.

fairyandgnome's Avatar fairyandgnome 05:21 PM 04-10-2011

Thanks. Yeah.. I dont really need a preceptor as I have one here and will finish before too long. I would LIKE to finish there.. but it isnt something that I HAVE to do.  Im really excited about going to check it out.. not to mention getting a mini vacation!! LOL