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Amanda9542's Avatar Amanda9542 07:37 PM 03-28-2011

Hi Mamas

We are planning on moving down south. We don't have a specific place anymore, but thats a long story. So, I have been looking online in the eastern TN are bc my sister goes to school in Chatanooga and my mom lives out by Nashville(We are from MA originally) . Besides craigslist, I don't really know where else to look for apts. We can't afford a high rent and my husband does not want to live in the city.

So I guess I am looking for input on nice rural towns and where the best resource may be for looking for apartments.


beanma's Avatar beanma 03:21 PM 03-29-2011

Are you wanting to be close or in between Nashville and Chattanooga? Cause I'm pretty sure not all the area between would be East Tennessee. East Tennessee  is the mountain region from around Bristol, Johnson City, Knoxville down to Chattanooga on the south western edge. You might change your thread title if you're interested in areas specifically around those two cities so folks in those areas will click through.


I think some of the area between Nashville and Chattanooga would be Middle Tennessee. I say this as a North Carolinian, though, so take it all with a grain of salt.


If you're looking for the East Tennessee mountains, though, you might consider areas around Knox as I've heard there's a fair amount of crunch there and it's not too far from Asheville, NC, which is super crunchy. It would be about 2-3 hrs from Nashville and little closer to Chattanooga.



creillysheehan's Avatar creillysheehan 08:45 PM 05-01-2011

Hi there,


I see this is from a little while ago, but just saw it, and having moved away from that area recently I can tell you a little about it.  We lived in Oak Ridge for 2 years (before kids) and Knoxville for 6, 2.5 of those with kids.  Knoxville is 2.5 hours away from Nashville and 1.5 from Chattanooga, and there are a lot of small rural areas just around it. 


There are great local chapters of Attachment Parenting International and Holistic Moms Network in Knoxville, and getting in touch with some of those mamas ahead of your move will give you some additional helpful info and may help you find a place to live.


Let me know if you decide to head to the Knoxville area!