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Penny4Them's Avatar Penny4Them 01:00 PM 05-11-2011

Hiya Mamas,


I'm so excited about this I wanted to share in case there are other mamas who'd like to know. I found out that Dr. Palevsky is giving a 3 hour talk at UNC, Chapel Hill on May 21st. The talk is called "Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?"   Dr. Palevsky (http://www.drpalevsky.com/articles.asp ) is a board certified pediatrician, lecturer and published author. I have really enjoyed his articles over the years and was influenced significantly by his research and opinions, especially about babies' immune system development. Here's a blurb from the event organizers in case you want more info or to get tix. (I hope it's ok to include these links.)



An Educational Opportunity for Patients and Practitioners...Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD will present his expertise on childhood illness and holistic pediatrics and his research on the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

To register go to www.exhibiteye.com  On the register page you will see info about paypal and an address to send a check.  Tickets are $30 and 2 for $50 if purchased before May 14th.



juliebird's Avatar juliebird 01:19 PM 05-11-2011

thanks for posting! I'd never heard of him but just checked him out...spent 30 minutes reading on his site. good stuff

luv2eatamango's Avatar luv2eatamango 03:55 PM 05-18-2011

The price for this has gone down.  Sign up at http://www.exhibiteye.com/register/ today!


This is too important a talk for people in our community to miss because of finances. We therefore are offering a sliding scale payment opportunity from $10 – $30.


There are 3 payment options, $10, 20, and 30. Please pay what you can afford!


*If you purchase the $30 ticket you will receive a free CD featuring a previously recorded lecture from Dr. Palevsky on either Vaccination or the Germ Theory.

beckybird's Avatar beckybird 02:36 PM 06-07-2011

How was the lecture? I'm sorry I couldn't go....would have been fun!