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jepea's Avatar jepea 01:54 PM 06-28-2011

has anyone tried for VBAC recently in WNC?  My local hospital, Harris Regional/MedWest,  in Sylva has a "no vbac" policy & I'm nervous about a homebirth VBAC... but so far I haven't met ANYONE who actually had a VBAC.


If you or someone you know has tried/had a VBAC in the last few years.... Who was your OB/midwife?  Did you go to Mission?  How did it go? Any thoughts or suggestions?


Thanks in advance!!


BirthTender's Avatar BirthTender 05:32 AM 06-30-2011

HI, Jen,

I know of folks in WNC who have had VBACs  out your way. None who were recent at hospitals. So sorry I have no info on Harris. I hope someone responds to you, soon.

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lismcc's Avatar lismcc 08:54 PM 07-05-2011

hi!  i live in Boone and know of a woman here having a planned VBAC at Watauga medical center.  she is working with a "high risk" ob, not sure who it is but i can find out and post back in a day or too.  

there are also some homebirth midwives in the area that may be of assistance if you want to go that route.

i also think the main hospital in Asheville, it is called Mission, does VBACs, but i am not certain.

if Boone is not too far for you i am happy to post back and let you know whose doing VBACs at Watauga Medical.  I know it is not their standard policy to do them there so it is just with this particular OB. 


lindsayinnc's Avatar lindsayinnc 07:07 PM 07-13-2011

I have heard Mission does VBACs I do not have any info on specific Dr's or Midwives but it may be worth calling around to some of the practices in Asheville.  I delivered at Harris so only know the Sylva options.  I also know that Angel in Franklin with also not do VBACs.  

Good luck on your search!

lovinmama's Avatar lovinmama 04:04 PM 07-14-2011


I work in L and D at Mission and we most definately do VBAC s they are actually encouraged  (unless you have had multiple csections or classical incision) I think you will find that with all the obgyn practices in the area as well as the mahec midwives and new dawn midwifery who also deliver at mission! 

Libelula's Avatar Libelula 09:27 AM 07-17-2011

I live in Asheville and we are lucky to have more VBAC options here than many people do.  I know the MAHEC midwives do them at Mission and they have a high success rate and New Dawn does as well.  You could also check out Family to Family and I think there are some ob/gyns who do them as well but I don't know anyone specific


I had a HBAC in April and it was a great experience.



christyc's Avatar christyc 05:23 PM 07-27-2011

I had a homebirth in WNC, but was near Mission because I heard they were VBAC friendly.  Ended up not needing to transfer, but if I were choosing a hospital, that's where I'd go.

NW2SE's Avatar NW2SE 08:13 PM 07-27-2011

I also recommend Dr. Lauren Livingston to my clients desiring a VBAC. She's incredibly mama-friendly. I attended one of the most beautiful hospital births where she was the attending and, in speaking to some of my doula colleagues, it seems that they and their clients have had wonderful experiences with her as well. Best of luck to you, mama! Education, intuition, confidence in your body and the ability to say "thank you, but no thank you" are going to be some of the greatest assets in achieving the birth experience you desire. My thoughts are with you.   :)

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