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GeneviaJ's Avatar GeneviaJ 05:17 PM 07-04-2011

Hello everyone! I'm Genevia Jensen. I live in Jackson, TN & I'm a SAHM to 2 wonderful children..Gabriel, 5 & Addison, 3. We are a non-vaxing, breastfeeding, extending rear facing, chicken raising, veggie farming, organic eating (most of the time), soon to be homebirthing & cloth diapering kind of family. Is there anyone else in Jackson?

jbcater's Avatar jbcater 09:12 PM 05-25-2012

Hi! I am a sahm, we have 6 kids, all older except our 8 yr old and 14 month old... nice to hear someone else with similar interests is in the area!

DoulaGinny's Avatar DoulaGinny 09:49 AM 07-16-2012

I'm a New Doula/Childbirth & Parenting Educator, I live in Jackson-1 hr away. I do births in Memphis! Here is my background: I'm a 38 yr old mom of 3- ages 5, 8, 18. I  have a B.A. in Psychology-Child/Adolescent Psych & Development w/ Early Childhood Education and Marriage & Family Counseling.  Worked for 8+ yrs as Developmental Behavior & Curriculum Specialist as well as the Staff Trainer/Preschool Teacher/Supervisor & Parenting Educator in Preschool Education.


 I've been a SAHM for the last several years raising my children and for the last 6 months I've been intensely studying and training for Pregnancy & Childbirth Education & Labor Doula Services.  (I have a recommendation from my CAPPA trainer-A.R. Whatley.)   


My website is www.DoulaGinnysBirthSvcs.com  and my email is [email protected]  and my number is  731-499-7268.


Since I am New and starting out, I am offering my services at a very low cost right now.  I have that time block open on my calendar right now so I would love to hear from you.  Check out my website and see what you think!  :)


Ginny Mills

PS. I cloth diapered my last 2 - wore them in wraps, slings, or the sort - try to go at least half organic and all frozen or fresh veggies, very little can food in my house - breastfed all for anywhere from 3mo with pumping for 6 more months to 9 months with stock piled for 3 more months!  Mostly AP -coslept with 3rd in a co sleeper on the bed and the 2nd in the pack N play beside the bed with my arm in the bed.  ;)