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mama*pisces's Avatar mama*pisces 07:56 AM 10-08-2011

My family and I live in GA right now but are looking to relocate to South or North Carolina within the next 2 or 3 years...I am really looking forward to this and would like to hear all about your favorite towns....we prefer living in the country as opposed to the city, but want to be no more than an hour from the beach. We have family in Wilmington NC, and friends in Monroe NC, so it would be nice to be within reasonable driving distance of those places....but mostly looking for a town near the beach that has a good homeschool community, an awesome non-vax friendly ped, and nice mama friends for me. orngbiggrin.gif

Vallere's Avatar Vallere 10:26 PM 10-08-2011

We were in Greenville, NORTH Carolina, and my best friend is from New Bern. Both of those towns have thriving homeschool groups and are natural-mama friendly. Greenville is a college town, with ECU, but it's very easy to live outside of town to get that country feel, but still be just a few minutes drive from all the amenities. There are also a number of vax-friendly docs there you can choose from. New Bern is right on the river and a rather short drive from the beach. Greenville is about 2 hours from the nearest *nice* beach, but you can get to water much faster than that. Cost of living in both towns is relatively nice, housing is reasonable, and downright cheep if you live outside of town.


Good luck choosing where to go!

mama*pisces's Avatar mama*pisces 07:21 PM 10-09-2011

Thanks, Vallere! Oh, I'm so excited, I could just pack up and go right now but realistically I don't think we will actually move for another two or three years. It's good to have places in mind though, so on our next drive up we can check some places out. smile.gif