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sjpiehl's Avatar sjpiehl 01:34 PM 11-17-2011



  My name is Sarah and I'm trying to find to best way to increase my chances of having a natural birth in my second pregnancy after having a c-section in my first one. If anyone knows of any imformation on what doctor's and hospitals that are supportive of Vbac's please let me know. Thank you all.

MLane's Avatar MLane 04:07 PM 11-22-2011

Dr. Brabson does vbac.  he's fabulous. 

i had a natural birth w/ him as my dr. but i know hes supportive of vbac. 



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wyovol's Avatar wyovol 09:21 AM 12-06-2011

Lisa Ross Birth Center recently changed medical directors and  they are also now affiliated with UT Hospital.  The news reports on the change mentioned that VBACS would be possible now, with the deliveries happening at UT Hospital, instead of the birth canter.  It would probably be worth a call to the birth center to see what is possible.  I had my third baby at the birth center in June and had a wonderful experience with prenatal and birth care.

KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 07:04 AM 01-23-2012
I go to dr. Brabson as well, he is super vbac friendly as is st. Mary's hospital where he delivers unless something has changed under their new ownership. I can tell you that with any other doctor I would have had a c-section with my last delivery and he swears he never even considered it! Lisa ross is also awesome but I'm pretty sure they always did vbacs at st. Mary's with dr. Brabson. I'd say call both and visit both and if you're leaning toward lisa ross, just make sure you like their cooperating doc as well.