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southernveg's Avatar southernveg 04:40 PM 01-10-2012

Hi all - new to the forum, just learned I'm pregnant (yay!). I have a question - I am using Vanderbilt Nurse Midwives and was wondering if folks had good experiences with specific midwives there. Would love to know who to request an appointment with.



DoulaHeidi's Avatar DoulaHeidi 01:27 PM 01-12-2012

You will rotate through most of the midwives throughout your care and who attends your birth is a matter of who is working that night.  


That being said, I've had really good experiences with Lauren Drees and Melissa Allred.  

southernveg's Avatar southernveg 02:39 PM 01-13-2012

Thanks so much!

MadameFancyPants's Avatar MadameFancyPants 10:20 PM 01-16-2012

I was told that I would rotate through each MW, but it didn't really happen.  I ended up seeing Melissa Allred for all but 3 visits.  I really loved her and Emma (can't remember her last name off the top of my head.) 

NewBeginnings1's Avatar NewBeginnings1 06:57 PM 01-23-2012

I am going to use them as well. I trust that we will both have great experiences! EDD Sept 20.

KoalaMommy's Avatar KoalaMommy 07:44 PM 01-23-2012

I LOVE my former midwife, Elaine, but she's semi-retired now.  I'm not sure who is there and who is not anymore, but I had a really bad experience with Linda if she's still there, and so did a friend of mine.


In the end, who you get when you deliver is whomever is on at that time, so it is good to see lots of folks. 

eveningwatch's Avatar eveningwatch 09:28 PM 02-14-2012

I've seen Margaret, Lauren, Elaine, and Soheyl in the office.  Soheyl is my favorite!  She was there when ODS was born (was trying for VBAC but had to have another section when they couldn't find his heartbeat).  Melissa Allred delivered YDS (VBA2C) and she was very nice.  Linda Hughlett primarily works in the hospital, but I've also seen her and think she's awesome.  Dena's the only one that I didn't really care for, but that may have been because of how stressed I was and trying to make a decision to VBA2C or RCS.  She wasn't much help because I had been seeing Soheyl the majority of the time, so she wasn't that familiar with me.