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MamaCiz's Avatar MamaCiz 12:58 PM 02-13-2012

Hello Nashville Mamas. I'm about two months pregnant and am seeking an ob here in Nashville who is REALLY encouraging of a completely natural hospital birth. I'm not a fan of the Vanderbilt Midwives group because EVERY SINGLE woman i know who has used them has had a c-section! And I absolutely will not give birth at Vanderbilt. (Horrible hospital for all you preggers mamas out there!) Does anyone know of a good dr? I had my first two in Murfreesboro, where I lived at the time and was encouraged to laydown and just take an epidural despite the fact that I had my heart set on a natural one. (typical of hospitals, imo) My third child i knew i wanted it natural and so i had him with midwives in a cabin in the woods. Awesome experience. This time I can't afford a midwife and am on TennCare, so I'm going the hospital route. I think that having a child naturally in a hospital will be much much harder than in the woods because it is just not conducive to natural birth. So, I need a Doc with a really good track record with natural births. I look forward to hearing suggestions!

MadameFancyPants's Avatar MadameFancyPants 10:59 AM 02-14-2012

Wow!  I'm so sorry your friends have had such horrible experiences with the Vandy Midwives.  I've always heard the opposite and had a great experience myself with both the mws and the hospital.  Are you sure none of the HB midwives here accept TennCare? 


I've heard great things about Centennial Hospital as far as being very mother/baby friendly.  I know of at least one CPM who transfers there as their hospital of choice.  Unfortunately, I don't know any specific doctors who have deliver there but choosing a hospital might be a good starting point. 


I'm sure someone else here can suggest an actual doctor.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.



granolamom's Avatar granolamom 09:34 PM 02-23-2012

I know there is CNM at the Rountree/Mitchell practice in Lebanon....her name is Heather Potts I believe and she does deliver at UMC from what I have heard..Good luck

xiri's Avatar xiri 08:54 PM 03-12-2012

I had a natural hospital birth with Donald Barnette at Centennial 4 years ago.  I would not go so far as to say he was naturally minded; he is an OB and surgeon first and foremost.  But he was very respectful of me and my choices.  I had a lovely, unmedicated VBAC.  You might try interviewing him.  It's worth a shot.  Good luck!  A natural hospital birth is not an easy thing, but you can do it! :)