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amia's Avatar amia 12:09 PM 02-17-2012

Hi I am looking for a childcare/full-day preschool in the Durham area. Does anyone know anything about KIN, Lakewood, or Erwin Road? Also considering Montessori.

WednesdayO's Avatar WednesdayO 08:51 PM 02-18-2012

I don't have personal experience with those, but being in the early childhood field, I like to check out what's going on with other centers. The center I work at is 5-star and less than 3 miles from Erwin Road Children's School, but since Erwin Road is near the county line we are actually in Chapel Hill. Erwin Road used to have a 5-star rating, but for some reason they've dropped to 2-star which is pretty poor, especially since it was such a drop. Lakewood Avenue is 5-star, so I'd definitely check them out instead.


If you need pointers in what to look for and/or what questions to ask, here's some helpful information.

Choosing Child Care Checklist (NC)

Child Care Services Association (local)


A lot of basic information about licensed child care can be found on the NC Division of Child Development & Early Education website. There is a search available there that allows you to choose counties and cities et cetera.