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Ilovesoymilk's Avatar Ilovesoymilk 05:00 PM 05-21-2012
My husband and are relocating to Nashville in mid June and expecting our second baby in late September. Does anyone have recommendations for a home birth midwife, doula and pediatrician? We prefer a pedi that's full term breast feeding, intactivist and attachment parenting friendly and open to no/delayed vaccines.

Also, I'm going to be a WAHM so some natural parenting group recommendations would be appreciated so I can get some adult socialization on!

Thanks in advance!

SamsMuffin's Avatar SamsMuffin 11:01 AM 06-19-2012

Mary Anne Richardson from Tender Beginnings Midwifery is a WONDERFUL midwife.  She will be attending the birth of our 3rd little one due in July. 


For doctors we go to Cool Springs Family Medicine.  They are awesome, very natural friendly, and just a great family practice.


We live in Nashville, but the 20-30 min. drive to the Franklin area for both the midwife and the doctor are more than worth it.


For parenting groups, there is a very active API group that meets monthly in Nashville.  I've never been to a meeting, but I know the leader and she is wonderful.  I'm sure the meetings are great!

Ilovesoymilk's Avatar Ilovesoymilk 05:05 PM 06-19-2012



The ladies at Tender Beginnings are all booked up for late September. :( I'll definitely check out Cool Springs though! And the parenting group!

MadameFancyPants's Avatar MadameFancyPants 05:38 PM 06-19-2012

There are quite a few homebirth MWs in the area.  A good place to start would be the TN Midwives Association website.  The Nashville Birth Network is a great resource to check out, too. 


I second the recommendation for Cool Springs Family Medicine! 


Welcome to the area!