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happynaturalmom's Avatar happynaturalmom 03:09 PM 08-27-2012

Hi. We might move to the Triangle area. Wondering about doctors since we don't vaccinate, as well as the likelihood of catching wild chicken pox. Thanks!

Pinkbruise's Avatar Pinkbruise 07:33 AM 08-29-2012

I take my boys to Regional Pediatrics in Durham to see Dr. Maxine Murray.  She would like us to vaccinate, and regularly encourages us to do so, but is happy to see us even though we choose not to do so at this time.  She is very knowledgeable about alternative remedies and always tries to recommend something other than abx to try first.  


Like when my son had a bleeding diaper rash @ 1 week old she encouraged us to try natural aloe vera gel for several days before trying anything by Rx.  


I have also worked at this practice as the after hours receptionist and have gotten to know all of the wonderful Drs there.

happynaturalmom's Avatar happynaturalmom 02:43 PM 08-29-2012

Thanks for the recommendation! I so appreciate it.


Anyone else?

beanma's Avatar beanma 08:05 AM 08-30-2012

Not sure I have a doc recommendation, but where in the Triangle? It's a pretty spread out area.


Regarding chicken pox—it is out there. My kids both got it about 5 yrs ago. It went through my dd1's K class. Both the vaxed kids and the unvaxed kids got it although the vaxed kids got milder cases.

happynaturalmom's Avatar happynaturalmom 09:21 AM 08-31-2012

I think we will be around Chapel Hill/Carrboro.