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Pregnant with twins in Winston-Salem, NC. Need recs for an OB who will help me have a natural childbirth.

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Hi all. I am pregnant with twins, and feeling a little overwhelmed about finding an OB. I had a completely natural, midwife-assisted birth with my DD, and was planning a homebirth for this pregnancy. Twins obviously throws a wrench in my plans.


Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations for an OB who has experience delivering twins vaginally, and who won't automatically schedule my c-section if they're not both head down? I have heard good things about Henry Dorn, but am concerned that High Point Hospital (where he delivers) doesn't have a NICU. I am willing to drive 30 to 40 minutes, though I don't want to go much further than that if possible (ie. not the Triangle or Charlotte areas). I have a preliminary appointment with the OB practice at Wake Forest Baptist (Andrea Fernandez and Oona O'Neill), but don't know much about them except that my fertility doctor recommended them.


I would really appreciate any help, information, or experiences people have to share!



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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm bumping this up for attention. smile.gif Anyone have a recommendation to share?

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Natural Beginnings Birth Center in Statesville!  I'm in Clemmons takes me exactly 30 minutes to get there.  Give Marcia or Nicole a call there.  If you prefer OB Dr. Roque is there.  Let me know if you need any more info!

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Thanks, Ashley. Unfortunately, they won't deliver twins at Natural Beginnings. I called and asked early on!

We have found care that we're excited about, though- Tanya Bailey, who is the midwife at Wendover OBGYN in Greensboro delivers twins, and seems like a great fit for us. I'm so glad I can have a midwife-assisted birth! I interviewed a lot of OBs in Winston, and none of it felt right.
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Central Carolina OB/GYN in Greensboro has five CNMs on staff, and they deliver twins.  I even know someone who delivered twins naturally in a birthing room (not the O.R.) with them.  Many practices insist on an O.R. location and an epidural for a twin birth (ready to be increased in case of c-section), but Central Carolina OB/GYN allowed my friend to birth without both--and she did great.  I highly recommend them to you:  Vicki Latham (CNM) and Dr. Rivard (OB) are my most favorite providers there.

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