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Natural Birth at MUSC in Charleston, SC?

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Does anyone have any experience with natural birth at MUSC in Charleston? I am looking into possibly switching from the current practice to Dr. Savatiel there. Has anyone seen her? Thanks so much!
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I'm bumping up your post for attention. bump.gif Anyone have a recommendation to share?

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Unfortunately, Dr. Savatiel is no longer doing OB.  Otherwise, I would have highly recommended her.  Have you considered the birth center?  Homebirth?  If you're looking for a hospital birth, try East Cooper Women's Center (Williamson & Stickler, preferably).

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my youngest child i was transferred from my hosp to musc and induced up there, opted for no epidural/apin meds etc. but i can't remember any of the people's names that saw me, i remember most of the names of the people who were on my peanut's care team though. all but one nurse was awesome and dr carol wagner (neonatologist) is super supportive of nursing- she was the only doctor there who i felt really was. dr k (i won't put her whole name here) was very pro pumping but not supportive of nursing at all imo. it wasn't exactly your uestion, but i hope i gave you some useful info regardless.

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I just had a home birth in myrtle beach- assisted with Nicole Lavallee. And I saw Dr Savatiel in N Charleston for my lab work and blood work at 9 wks and 36 wks. And when I had my home birth- Nicole called her and told her it went great. So yea she is still practicing- and is so sweet and wonderful. I know she has limited hrs so maybe she isn't taking new patients. But try to get with her.

What about the birth place in Charleston too?
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I used Nicole with one of my births. She is great. She is still takings clients. You can check out this group too for info: Also I have attended births at MUSC as a doula that were natural births. It was a while ago but the births were really hands off and nice. The birth place is nice too.

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