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Peacemama~'s Avatar Peacemama~ 11:05 PM 09-10-2008
I'm looking for leads on good preschool programs in Columbia for my 3 year old. Anyone know of a preschool co-op or any Waldorf inspired programs? Recommendations for any type of program that you are familiar with are appreciated!


Materfamilias's Avatar Materfamilias 10:17 AM 09-11-2008
Hi Mary
My son went to the Columbia Jewish Day School for three years. I cannot say enough good things about it; my daughter is scheduled to go when she is 3. It is expensive, but it's an awesome school and the rabbi in charge could not be more dedicated. I would call and ask for an appointment quick though because they fill up really fast. Here is a website with more info:
p.s. you do not have to be Jewish to attend -- we aren't.
LRODDY's Avatar LRODDY 10:46 PM 09-13-2008

I'm part of the local HMN (I think we may have emailed earlier through the website) chapter here in Cola and we have a preschool co-op called "Sprouts" through the group. If you are interested, I can have the mom in charge of it pm you.

Materfamilias's Avatar Materfamilias 06:00 PM 09-14-2008
sorry! Missed the co-op portion of your message!