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FuzzyOne's Avatar FuzzyOne 11:47 PM 11-13-2008

i'm looking to start or participate in a playgroup in the nashville, tn area. i have an ASD 3 year old who is in school during the day and a very active 18 mos. old girl who very much needs some social interaction. our boy's in school from 9-3 and i'm looking for some fun for the girl in between those times. playdates are great and playgroups are great! rain or shine, outside or inside - we love it all


clicksab's Avatar clicksab 04:28 PM 11-14-2008
I'd be interested in a playgroup too...my DD is 21 months and we are getting NO social interaction since we moved a few months ago! Let me know if you want to get something started. We live in east nashville, near the airport...where are you guys?
3jays's Avatar 3jays 10:53 PM 11-17-2008
I hate that I will be working during that time, I miss being a stay at home mommy! My ds is 19 months and full of energy!
FuzzyOne's Avatar FuzzyOne 11:12 PM 11-17-2008
i would be very happy to have a playdate when you are not working!
3jays's Avatar 3jays 02:48 AM 11-19-2008
Yay! I just moved here this summer (late summer) and I am so happy to meet new people!
traviesa's Avatar traviesa 02:34 PM 12-04-2008

I'm interested in a playgroup. I have a 22 month old daughter and a 6 week old. The older one attends a mothers day out program on Tues, Thurs and Fri, but we are free on Mon and Wed. I'm near the Opryland Hotel. Where are you?

mommabeehilly's Avatar mommabeehilly 05:51 PM 12-05-2008
we have a 19 month old dd. would love a play group. moved here from montana this summer. live in east nashville....

mommabeehilly's Avatar mommabeehilly 01:55 PM 12-11-2008
let's try to get something together after the new year if everyone is game. write back if you are interested and what days/times would work for you, and where you are located.