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VroomieMama's Avatar VroomieMama 07:57 PM 08-15-2010
I'm trying to plan a wedding anniversary romantic get away for my DH and I on a weekend in September. I want to take him anywhere that's within 3 hours radius of Northern Virginia but has a budget of $250 or under for a night. I'm looking for something that has swimming, canoeing, paddle boat, or any other activities that are safe but fun for a 6 mos. pregnant woman with her darling husband.

We don't want to go on camping trip on this trip because we don't have any camping gears yet.

I would like something similar to this but I wanted to see what other places out there that have these amenities.

Thanks in advance,

Virginia884's Avatar Virginia884 08:53 PM 08-15-2010
What about the lodges at Shenandoah National Park? Not sure what type of extra stuff they offer, but the park is GORGEOUS.

Or what about a small town in Delaware?

I would repost in the Virginia/Maryland and DC boards for some good ideas.
MamaMonica's Avatar MamaMonica 09:43 PM 08-15-2010
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VroomieMama's Avatar VroomieMama 06:55 PM 08-16-2010
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I live in Northern Virginia area near DC and MD and I would have preferred if my post is moved there rather than in VA, WVA and KY area.

Previous poster: thanks for the link to shenandoah valley.

Any other ideas?