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MeganS's Avatar MeganS 04:52 PM 12-01-2010

I have a friend who is a Navy wife. She lives in VA Beach, and just had a baby on Monday. She is having problems keeping the baby at the breast. I think she is having nipple confusion, because her DD was given bottles in the hospital, and she is supplementing at home as well. She is also using a nipple shield. :( She really wants to breastfeed. I've given her all of the information over the phone that I can, but I live in FL so I can't help her in person.  Does anyone know of somewhere she could get help? Probably low cost. I've given her the link for the LLL in her area. She might have trouble getting to meetings though, because her and her husband only have 1 car. So maybe someone she could schedule an appointment with, or someone that can come to her. Any help would be very much appreciated. TIA!

VaBchAng's Avatar VaBchAng 01:57 AM 12-05-2010


The LaLeche League of Tidewater Referral Line (757) 857-8403 will put you in contact with groups in this area.  I would call the number and ask for someone to come to her home.  Also, she could try calling her OB/Midwife she had during her pregnancy and asking for help/referrals.


This may not help much but it is worth a try.  Good luck to your friend!

waiting2bemommy's Avatar waiting2bemommy 02:38 PM 12-12-2010

I know someone who may be willing to help....I will pm you as well.