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UnderTheOldOakTree's Avatar UnderTheOldOakTree 05:12 PM 05-28-2011

We recently moved to Woodbridge and I'm looking for a pediatrician who would be okay with a selective/delayed vax schedule for my son.  


Our prev. pediatrician was not particularly AP friendly but fully supported our decision to delay vaccines get them selectively.  We started with the Dr. Sears schedule but then did not do any appointment between his regular well visits.  She was always willing to be supportive and help us come up with a plan and discuss all of our concerns.  Frequently she would say things like " you aren't ready to make the decision on this shot yet.  Do some more research and we'll talk about it again at the next appointment."  Even when we didn't agree she never lectured us or pressured us.  


I'd really like to find a doctor here who is willing to work with us in this way. 


Any recommendations you can make would be greatly appreciated!



Antimony26's Avatar Antimony26 03:52 PM 06-16-2011

We go to All Pediatrics.  They have offices in Lorton, Alexandria, and Woodbridge (lake ridge).  I've found they rotate doctors through all the centers.  We have had particular luck with Dr. Sue Park for a more natural approach--she's definitely delayed-vax friendly...


I think Dr. Park works in Lorton most, but I'd say she is worth traveling a few miles for!

Additionally, the Lorton office has evening and weekend sick visits-quite a bonus for us having an "active little guy".

We've never had any problems getting appointments, and have liked all the pedi's we've seen-with the exception of Dr. Jon Farber.


Hope that helps!

UnderTheOldOakTree's Avatar UnderTheOldOakTree 06:43 PM 06-16-2011

This is a huge help!  Thank you!

Mittsy's Avatar Mittsy 07:43 PM 06-23-2011

Dr. Kim. She's a holistic family doctor, does not offer vaccines, but does do vaccine counseling. She doesn't accept most insurances, but you can get a percentage back. And she's reasonably priced, I think it was $150 when I took dd there earlier this year.

sunwise's Avatar sunwise 11:41 AM 07-21-2011

I will add my support for All Pediatrics. Their practice was recommended to me by my Bradley teacher, who lives in Woodbridge and doesn't do any vaccinations for her kids. (We just do a delayed schedule.) Dr. Park is also my son's regular pediatrician - not that this helps you much, but she also practices in Alexandria from Mon-Wed each week. (I didn't even know she practiced in Lorton too! We have always seen her in Alexandria since that is the office we go to.)


I've really been happy with the fact that All Peds is open 7 days a week (in at least one office) - we recently made use of an after-hours weekday appt in Lorton. And I have had lots of luck getting same day sick appts whenever I have needed them.