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LaylasMama's Avatar LaylasMama 08:53 AM 09-05-2011

Hi mamas,


I am desperately searching for a pediatrician to accept my daughter. She is 6 weeks old and we are non-vaxing. I have searched high and low for a doctor that will work with me on this and so far everyone I have found will not take her into the practice without sticking to the Academy of Pediatrics schedule. I have tried Peninsula Pediatrics, Newport News Pediatrics, and the Childrens Clinic kicked us out after her two week visit since we would not give her the Hep B vaccine. I am needing your help! I called Dr. Madren's office even though I am in Newport News and would have to trek to VA Beach to see him, and the earliest appointments he has available aren't until next year! I guess she really doesn't need to go to Well Child visits as they are pretty much just weight, length, and vaccine appointments and I could track her weight and length myself if I could find a baby scale but I want to have somewhere to take her in case she needs to be seen unexpectedly. Any recommendations of doctors you know of would help. Thanks!! 

juju_mom's Avatar juju_mom 06:59 PM 09-17-2011

Have you contacted Dr. Marlene Capps in Virginia?

Verdana's Avatar Verdana 10:11 AM 09-26-2011
If you haven't found anyone yet, you could try to take your daughter to Tidewater Family Medical Care, PC. They are general practitioners, not pediatricians, but they did take my son from birth and they are fine with us not doing any vaccinations for the first year and possibly none at all after that. The checkups are a bit more than just weight and height measurements and it's nice to have a doctor that knows your kid in case she gets sick and needs medical attention.
erin_brycesmom's Avatar erin_brycesmom 10:11 PM 09-30-2011

I haven't been able to find any civilian peds on the peninsula that are non-vax friendly.  For this reason, we stick with the military peds on Langley AFB who are completely fine with it.  I'm sorry that's not helpful unless you are military.