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MrsTani's Avatar MrsTani 12:20 PM 05-17-2012

help.gifI live in NW Baltimore Co., MD, and I'm trying to decide on a licensed care provider (CNM) for my third pregnancy (due sometime in December 2012). Since this would be my second VBAC (after a successful HBAC), a birth center birth is out of the question. It's come down to my either going with a home birth with Nannette Jenkins, CNM of Riverside Midwifery in Charles Town, WV, or going to a local Baltimore hospital midwife practice (narrowed down to Sinai, Maryland General, or maybe Mercy) and hoping I pick the right midwife. If you have worked with Nannette Jenkins (as doula, client, other experiences, etc.). It's far to travel (almost 1.5 hours) for prenatal appointments and I'd have to pay out of pocket and they would bill insurance for reimbursement later, so I am trying to make the best decision. Any help would be great! Thanks!

spearsie's Avatar spearsie 06:19 PM 08-07-2012

Hi - I'm due next month and will be may end up switching from OB care to Riverside. We meet with them next week. If we end up switching and doing a home birth with Riverside I'll keep you updated.

Ebeling's Avatar Ebeling 08:15 AM 08-14-2012



I do not have personal experience with Riverside Midwifery.  However, I had my daughter 12 years ago with a CPM home birth/water birth.  It was a successful switch from OB to midwife in my 7th month of pregnancy.  I was told many horrible ugly things about home birth, but none of those things happened.  I had a perfectly healthy baby and a perfectly healthy pregnancy.


In November of last year I suffered a placental abruption and lost my little girl at 19w5d.  It was an unfortunate unexplained tragedy that no one in the hospital or OB office could explain.  I had planned a home birth at the time, but emergencies derailed my plans.  It just goes to show things can take a turn for the worse even in a hospital.  No one helped me through my excruciating labor while my placenta tore from the inside out.  No one could save my baby.  No one in the hospital cared about my condition because I had all my prenatal care with a midwife.


Today I am 21w pregnant with my third little girl.  All looks well and I feel great.  I am still a patient with my midwife Angy Nixon, CNM.  I am still planning a home birth.  


I want to encourage you to go with your instincts.  Your 'little small voice' will never lead you wrong.  Be strong in your choices and trust yourself with making the best decision for you and your baby.  Good luck!