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Virginia884's Avatar Virginia884 05:01 AM 09-17-2012

Sadly, the doula we used for our first birth is unable to take us on for this next babe. We used Crowning Moments and loved working with Claire. Who has other doula recommendations in NOVA? We live in the Reston/Herndon area. Due April/May.

HappyHappyMommy's Avatar HappyHappyMommy 11:59 PM 09-19-2012

Hi; congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm bumping up your post for attention. smile.gif Anyone have recommendations for doulas in this area?

juju's Avatar juju 05:22 AM 09-20-2012

I have worked has a doula in NOVA, but currently I am a full time college student.  There are some great doula here and kind of a lot to sort through.  I hope you can find some good recs.  Claire is great.  You could ask her for recommendations.  I hope you can interview some and find a good fit for you and family.