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davi's Avatar davi 12:31 AM 11-18-2008
Come on out & support our wonderful midwives through a pancake benefit
breakfast sponsored by Friends of Michigan Midwives!

Where: Gone Wired Cafe Lansing, MI

When: Saturday December 13, 2008 from 9am - Noon

Cost: Suggested $6.00 donation.

PM me for any additional info & we look forward to seeing lots of faces.


636Jen's Avatar 636Jen 01:58 PM 11-18-2008
That sounds awesome! Do we have to RSVP in advance? We have 3 moms due on December 18th (can you believe that!) and I think 6 more during that month. It's going to be a crazy time but I would really love to be there. I miss you girls!
davi's Avatar davi 06:22 PM 11-18-2008
Nope, no RSVP necessary just a willingness to eat & have fun chatting with some of our states fabulous midwives. Hope we get to see you again.
Defenestrator's Avatar Defenestrator 12:49 PM 11-21-2008
Pancake breakfasts are so much fun! I had a blast at the one that I helped run for another organization this summer. It was like one big fat mamababy community party and I bet that this one will be like this too!

What about kids davi? Any separate price or free admission for the littles?

I hear there is going to possibly be a silent auction. Who doesn't want to go shopping and have all of the money go to a great organization like this?

Friends of Michigan Midwives need this money as we go into an uncertain future for homebirth midwives in Michigan. Things are changing fast in other states and homebirth has a high profile now. I know that FOMM is poised to work hard to either help make Michigan midwives stronger or save our bacon, whichever comes first.

I'll be there!
davi's Avatar davi 10:08 PM 11-21-2008
We've posted a suggested donation $6.00/plate as just a suggestion, we'd love to have people come & decide what they can pay for their families.

YES, we will be having a silent auction!!! :
TefferTWH's Avatar TefferTWH 10:51 PM 11-21-2008
I can't make it, but I'd LOVE to donate. My CNM midwife said there's a way to donate - please advise.
davi's Avatar davi 10:57 AM 11-22-2008
Originally Posted by TefferTWH View Post
I can't make it, but I'd LOVE to donate. My CNM midwife said there's a way to donate - please advise.
PM coming your way. :
fairydoula's Avatar fairydoula 05:46 PM 11-25-2008

Coming from me... an apprentice and assistant midwife, thanks to any and all that can come and help raise funds! We NEED you!!!
- Jen
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 11:46 PM 11-25-2008
Just to clarify: Letting people know about an event is fine. Actively soliciting donations and funds is against the User Agreement.
davi's Avatar davi 12:47 AM 12-06-2008
: Bumping!!!! It's this coming weekend! :
swimswamswum's Avatar swimswamswum 12:45 AM 12-11-2008

There's going to be an awesome silent auction- so bring $$$.
Defenestrator's Avatar Defenestrator 07:18 PM 12-12-2008
davi's Avatar davi 04:05 PM 12-14-2008
: Thanks foir all the support!!! :

This benefit went down as the most successful one this coffeeshop has ever hosted. :
Defenestrator's Avatar Defenestrator 04:33 PM 12-14-2008
Hey --

I was recovering from an early-morning birth I am really sorry to have missed it. I want to make a donation. Does FOMM have paypal? If so, let me know and PM me: