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I just found out I am prego w/#7 and it was a suprise as we had given up hope but now it hurts so bad when marcus nurses I want to just die but dh and i don't want him to wean yet-

background- he had selfweaned for 2 weeks when i finally ovulated (haha) and then picked up right where he left off right before we found out and I had not really wanted him to wean yet (he's 2)....

AND I am getting super dehydrated no matter how much water I drink... I am only about 4 1/2 weeks along (we just found out) and i am assuming this can only get worse....

LASTLY! Does anyone have Dr.Kleinart (sp?) 's phone number/contact info? I want a home birth this time and i need to meet with her w/dh - he's not feeling it. ("Its GROSS to have all that gook in our house") but we're still negotiating because I will be on medicaid and beaumont and providence are OUT!

Any help /tips are appreciated....

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Hey Brandy....congrats! Hang in there....Todd was really against non-hospital birth too. He's not set on homebirth yet, but he's totally fine with a birth center (we're using Goldie me and I can share more info including her fees and such).

Carrin Mama to Sawyer 4/06 and TTC #2 I am a WAHM!
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I have to go to a medicaid approved place- we are not doing great financially- we lost our main source of income so we are getting by- (economy is hurting diaper biz's too ) so i am not sure that would work- plus the drive too but I am seriously open to any suggestions....
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Congratulations!!! No advice, just a big congrats!!

Peace- Heather
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DH just might be surprised at how clean and easy a homebirth can be- my water broke both times in the tub, no fuss no mess!
The midwives were super thorough on cleaning up anything/everything else before they left us, it was perfect for us to deliver at home, everything I wanted and nothing I didn't.
bf, not sure how to explain to child how to take it easy!!! Good Luck!
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Congrats Brandy!!
Try talking with midwives about trades or reduced rates. You may find a great midwife who may be able to help you out. I thought I did hear of a couple of midwives in the area that take medicaid, maybe Stacia or Courtenay would know for sure.

The tenderness may ease up a bit. I used to just nurse for a shorter period of time and with less frequency when it was at it's worst. Alot of times it came be really sore at the beginning of the pregnancy then ease up at after a few weeks.

Sandy, proud mama and henna artist. :
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I have Kathy Kleinert's card ... here is the info on it:

She does not say what the two different numbers are for, just has them on the card. Congrats! And I hope you're able to find a way to have your homebirth!

As for the nursing ... DD1 weaned with some encouragement from me towards the end of the first trimester with dd2. She had just turned 2 when I got pregnant. It was so incredibly painful ... it felt like my nipples were being shredded with broken glass.

But, after a few weeks of not nursing, she asked to nurse. I reluctantly said okay ... I had felt ambivalent about pushing her to wean (although she wasn't a big nurser to begin with and she weaned without any issues). I had always wanted her to wean on her own terms, though. Well, she latched, sucked a few times, then immediately unlatched, and that was it. She continued to do this through the rest of the pregnancy, usually every few days. It still hurt like crazy, but it was so infrequent and so short that I dealt with it.

Once the baby came and my milk came in, she went back to nursing. I limit it to once a day (she's going on 3.5 now), but she is fine with that. I guess that latching and unlatching during the pregnancy was just enough for her to remember how to do it. There is some mild discomfort for me now when she nurses, but I think it's just because her mouth is so big and so full of teeth . I do have her open her mouth wide and stick her tongue out while she latches, and that helps some.

That said, I have no idea how you would go about getting a child to do this. It was her idea and I really had nothing to do with it. But I wanted to tell my story to show that it is possible to not really nurse through pregnancy, and then pick it up again after.

Congrats again!

Mama to M (7/05) and S (5/08) my surprise !!!
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I'm currently 19 weeks pg and nursing a 3yo. It hurts on and off, mostly when she latches on. The pain seemed to be really bad at first, then let up quite a bit. It still hurts when she latches some of the time, though, especially if it's been a long time since she nursed last. Fortunately the pain seems to last only for a few seconds.

Good luck!
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One of the things that I found when I was nursing and pregnant is that the lower that my milk supply was, the more it hurt. So, you might see if you can try a few pregnancy-friendly milk-building supplements to see if that helps. Nettle tea and oatmeal are both good for pregnant women and help with milk supply.

I don't know if Dr. Kleinert takes medicaid for her whole fee, but if she does, then great! I also have heard that Linda Johnson of Mother's Own Birth Center can take medicaid for at least part of her fee.

Is Providence out because of bad experiences or because of the medicaid thing? I thought I heard my apprentice Christa (rnchrista here) say that Metro Partners in Women's Health took medicaid. That is the practice that has the midwives, including Mary Gadbaw Davis. I recommend them if you are going to have a hospital birth.

If you run into a brick wall with the homebirth midwives/doctors, try Kate Mazzara. She is known for being flexible with payment and is a great midwife. You can find her at in the directory. She is listed in Central Michigan because she has an 810 area code, but she is not far from Oakland Co.

Stacia -- intrepid mama, midwife, and doula. Changing the world one 'zine at a time.
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Expecting a boy? Be sure to check out MDC's Case Against Circumcision!
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YaY! Congratulations Brandy

Harmony; fly-by-nursing2.gifslingtwin.giffamilybed2.gifcd.giftreehugger.gifblogging.jpg to DH and first time Mom to Xander! 12/24/2008babyf.gif and Oliver 11/3/10 babyf.gif
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