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Amatullah0's Avatar Amatullah0 01:57 PM 07-04-2009
i just had my birth there(with jan and lynn) and it went amazingly! it was an excellent experience! i especially loved how they asked permission before doing anything--even before cutting the cord while my baby was having breathing difficulties.

but i was a little upset that they wouldn't remove my hep-lock(GBS+) until after i urinated

gentlespiritbirth's Avatar gentlespiritbirth 03:36 AM 03-09-2010
I know this thread is older, but I wanted to add a big recommendation for Jennifer Schumann. Jennifer started out as a doula and massage therapist, then became a homebirth midwife, then became an RN, and finally, a CNM. For her clinicals in the nurse-midwifery program, she attended homebirths instead of hospital births. (That's almost unheard of in CNM programs.) Of all the CNMs at HF, I personally think she is the most naturally-minded because of her years as a doula and homebirth midwife.

Also, someone earlier mentioned that if you want to have your baby at HFWB, you have to switch to a HF doctor or midwife. Actually, that is not the case with West Bloomfield. When it opened, they announced that any doctor in the area could attend their patients there, regardless of whether or not they were affiliated with HF.
merebella's Avatar merebella 05:40 PM 03-12-2010
thanks so much for this post! I'm not planning another pregnancy for several months, but I was planning to ask for recs when we get closer. This is helpful, and I'll keep her name in mind. She sounds like just what I'm looking for!
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