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binky's Avatar binky 11:02 PM 05-19-2009
Has anyone given birth at the ABC center at Providence hospital? What was it like? Any advice? We were going to hire a doula at first and labor at home as long as possible to transfer last minute but then I got to thinking about my 22-month old and wondered what he would do while Mom was in labor. Now we're thinking of going to the center earlier on and having a nanny come to the house to watch our son. So, I would like some input on the experiences others have had there.
My first birth experience was a 37-hour labor attempted home/water birth with a hospital transport after 29 hours and having been "stuck" at 7 centimeters. I believe in natural pain med-free, no episeotomy, dad catching etc.

oakparkveggie's Avatar oakparkveggie 12:36 AM 05-20-2009
I had a wonderful birth there 3.5 years ago. The nurses were great
DoulaClara's Avatar DoulaClara 10:44 AM 05-20-2009
I was recently told that they no longer do VBACs- does anyone know anything about that?
merebella's Avatar merebella 01:59 PM 05-20-2009
They do not do vbacs at the abc. They do in the regular l&d. We recently attempted our first birth at the abc. We were transferred due to baby's heart-rate being non-responsive (no fluctuations) after 24 hours of prodromal labor. we didn't hire a doula because we thought we were going to be in the abc, and consequently felt pretty alone in the l&d.The nurses there were nice, but didn't have much to offer since they knew I didn't want drugs. The nurses at the abc were great, though. Our abc nurse even kept coming over to check on us, even though we weren't in the abc anymore.

After more non-progression and heart rate issues, a fever on my part, etc, I had a cs. Nurses from the abc came and visited the next couple days, checking in and expressing sympathy for our situation. I'm very sad that I will not be able to deliver at the abc because of being a vbac. I truly felt like it was the perfect place for me. I would still recommend it. I hear all good things about people who birth there. I would recommend a doula, as well, since you never know how birth will go and it was something we regretted once we got transferred.
DoulaClara's Avatar DoulaClara 02:07 PM 05-20-2009
oakparkveggie's Avatar oakparkveggie 03:55 PM 05-20-2009
Just had a friend who had a VBAC with the Metro Partner midwives in the regular L&D area there. She said it was a wonderful birth experience.
laylasmommy's Avatar laylasmommy 05:37 PM 05-20-2009
I had my second daughter 16 months ago there and it was a wonderful and very healing expirience for me after a somewhat traumatic first birth.
jillybean0216's Avatar jillybean0216 12:53 AM 05-21-2009
Was your first a c-section? You said you were transferred, but didn't indicate whether or not you delivered vaginally.
In any case...I had a wonderful birth at the ABC. I had a doula, and would never birth again without her!
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 02:12 PM 05-23-2009
Hmmmmm. Is there anybody else you could call on to watch the little one, like a friend, a family member, somebody from your local LLL group? I think that the doula isn't as necessary for "protection" from hospital staff at the ABC, but yes, if you transferred to the regular L&D, you would have more need of their knowledge base and reminder to use your voice. Also, frankly, the support of the doula or somebody close to you to look in your eyes and tell you you're doing great is just important to I'd go for the doula if you can find free or lowcost childcare. Perhaps call local churches and ask about seniors in the senior groups who might be willing/able to come over and meet your child and spend time with him before hand, and then be available during the birth? Same with high school co-op students or college students in the ed department at local colleges/universities (and we have a lot of those around here!). You will find lower cost care this way than a "nanny" and would still get reliable care...and perhaps still afford that doula!