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ldsmom06's Avatar ldsmom06 04:11 PM 05-22-2009
I have Medicaid now since dh is still without a job and money is almost non existent. Do any good midwives take Medicaid? I am terrified to deliver at RO Beaumont again! I have an ok OB right now but she delivers at RO and I am so afraid of going back there.


laylasmommy's Avatar laylasmommy 05:33 PM 05-22-2009
The midwives through Metro Partners take straight Medicaid or Great Lakes Health Plan.
Defenestrator's Avatar Defenestrator 06:23 PM 05-22-2009
The midwives at Hutzel also take medicaid. I would be surprised if the midwives at Henry Ford West Bloomfield didn't because the practices at the other Henry Ford locations do.

It is worth a call, especially if you haven't signed up yet. Sometimes practices will only take certain medicaid plans and not others.

Good luck!
mothercat's Avatar mothercat 12:04 PM 05-23-2009
And, the midwives at Hutzel do water birth.
They have the big in-hospital tub that Barbara Harper designed.

Amatullah0's Avatar Amatullah0 08:22 PM 05-24-2009
the midwives at heny ford take medicaid(molina, and some other plan, i think)

also, there are midwives in ann arbor that take medicaid, there may be some in ypsilanti as well.

what i did was i emailed/called everyone on this page: