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merebella's Avatar merebella 11:38 AM 05-26-2009
Hi gals,
I've been working with Barbara Robertson in Ann Arbor for help with bf with my 16 week old ds. We're going to be on the east side for the summer, and I'm wondering if there's someone out here that you would recommend? It's not really feasible for me to drive an hour each way back to A2.

I was looking at Susie Scheiwe in Grosse Pointe. Does anyone have any experience? Please Pm.


My*Scorpio's Avatar My*Scorpio 12:25 PM 05-26-2009
Susie is awesome. She was a tremendous help with my oldest 3 years ago. Cathy Holland is also a great LC.
bananababies's Avatar bananababies 01:27 PM 05-26-2009
I don't know either of them personally, but I did talk with Cathy on the phone once and she seemed wonderful. There's also a really great La Leche League that meets in Warren (11 Mile and Schoenherr area) , I can get you the contact info if you're interested in meeting up with them.