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tildie'smama's Avatar tildie'smama 09:41 PM 01-21-2010
my husband, daughter, and i just moved to holland, mi from minneapolis. looking for friends... anyone around? i'm not sure how this tribe thing works yet, but i would love to find some mamas in my area.
(mama to matilda, 3 years old)

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 08:38 PM 01-27-2010
Me!! We moved here about 18 months ago, so aren't *super* familiar with the area. Welcome to MI!! I hope you love it here. This is such a beautiful part of the world. I would be happy to meet up with you sometime.
Juise's Avatar Juise 04:12 PM 05-29-2011

Hey, are you two ladies still around? We need some playmates sooo bad. We closed our at-home daycare this past October and DD1 has been dying to get together with more kids... but we don't really know anyone. We still occasionally get together with some of the kids from our daycare, but the ones she was closest to are now 6 y/o boys and not always terribly interested to come play with 3 y/o DD. shy.gif Besides that, only one of the familys in our care were even remotely sympathetic to our lifestyle / parenting choices.

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 04:48 PM 05-30-2011

Yes!  We are on the the north-west side.  

Juise's Avatar Juise 02:41 PM 05-31-2011

So are we! Are you anywhere near Ransom park, by any chance?


CClark6974's Avatar CClark6974 05:22 PM 07-14-2011

Hi! I just joined and saw this thread. I too am from Holland, born and raised. Unfortunately we moved to Muskegon when I got married, but I am still around every week or so at my parents on the south side.

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 02:21 PM 07-15-2011



flower97's Avatar flower97 02:34 PM 07-20-2011

I live in GR and would not mind driving somewhere to meet up with some new mommies.  I have 4 kids, 11,8 (both boys), 5 1/2 and 7 months (girls)

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 09:48 PM 07-21-2011

Come on over!  It's nice over by the water!


Juise's Avatar Juise 12:04 PM 07-22-2011

We would love a get together! When would everyone like to do it?

flower97's Avatar flower97 12:02 PM 07-23-2011

Well, I will throw out some dates, and you guys let me know.... 


Aug. 1,2, 16, 17, 18, 19??  

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 02:22 PM 07-23-2011

I can't do Aug 1 or 2.  Not sure about the other dates, as I'm waiting on a couple of things to fall into place.



marissab's Avatar marissab 11:57 AM 08-18-2011

Hi ladies!  I live in Holland too.  (Zeeland acutally)  I have a 16 month old, and we love play dates.  The splash pad in downtown Holland is great.  :)  Anyone interested?

Juise's Avatar Juise 02:19 PM 08-19-2011

Count me in :D My 3 y/o loves it, although last I took my youngest she was not fond of actually getting too near the water, lol. Let me know please when you'd like to go, I need to know a little bit ahead of time to have the car.

Era28's Avatar Era28 06:05 PM 03-03-2012


I moved to Holland right before DS was born in May, 2011. We are now expecting #2 in November 2012. I am a SAHM for the time being and would love to meet other moms in the area. Right now my son and I go the library on Wednesdays for "Book nibblers" at 10 am. Summer is coming up and I would love someone to go to the beach with or take walks or playdates. We have no friends with kids in the area, unfortunately. So I would love to meet some moms to hang out with :) 

Loralz's Avatar Loralz 06:42 PM 06-13-2012

Anyone still in the area? We have 2 girls and have been in this area for about a year. Love it!

OSUvet's Avatar OSUvet 10:21 PM 11-03-2012

Hi Holland mamas! I have a 20 month old son and am 9 weeks pregnant with #2. We will be moving to the Holland area early next year, and I just started a thread asking for birthing options in the area. I will also be looking for a pediatrician (non-vax friendly), and some crunchy mama friends!! :)

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 07:10 PM 11-04-2012

I am still working on a pedi, maybe someone else can help you with that.  I've had 4 homebirths with the same midwife (she is in Grand Rapids).  I have several friends who have birthed at Zeeland hospital and were happy with it.  PM if you have specific questions!  

Kimberly Tejc's Avatar Kimberly Tejc 05:01 PM 02-20-2013

Hey I just saw this post. I am from here, but just moved back after 10 years. Looking for some crunchy mamas!

OSUvet's Avatar OSUvet 06:45 PM 02-21-2013

I'm here! After anticipating moving for months but not knowing when, my family is finally in town. I have a 2 year old and planning a home birth for #2 in June. Would also love to meet some of you crunchy mamas :)

Juise's Avatar Juise 01:01 PM 02-22-2013

I'll be up for a get together, if you wait a week or so. :) We're all sick here. greensad.gif


Does anyone have any location ideas for a winter get-together where we will actually be able to meet each other? Hehe

I mean there's sledding, or Crazy Bounce, but I don't see us mamas getting to have more than two words together doing either of those. wink1.gif

Deanna's Playhouse would be nice, but at $5 a person, including parents, it's a bit too steep for us. eyesroll.gif

Kimberly Tejc's Avatar Kimberly Tejc 03:47 PM 02-22-2013

Sounds great! I am actually in Grand Haven, but a drive to Holland does not bother me.  I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old.  I used to live out west where I had a great community of crunchy mamas. I am pretty excited to find that here too!  

OSUvet's Avatar OSUvet 11:27 AM 02-23-2013

I'm up for it but I don't have any ideas either... Deanna's was the only place I really know of. Would a library or something like that have an area to meet/area for kids to play?

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 06:50 PM 02-24-2013

We've moved to Zeeland, so not quite Holland, but pretty close by, still.  OSUvet, did you find a midwife?  I am planning my 5th home birth (August), #4 with the same midwife, and would be happy to give you her info.  


Welcome to the area!  

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 06:53 PM 02-24-2013
Originally Posted by OSUvet View Post

I'm up for it but I don't have any ideas either... Deanna's was the only place I really know of. Would a library or something like that have an area to meet/area for kids to play?

I don't think any of the libraries have a space like that, but I wouldn't mind having people here.  Our house isn't super big, but we do have a basement are where kids can play.  We homeschool, so I can be a bit flexible.  We try not to take toooo much time off (we would never get anything done otherwise, lol), but a morning here or there to make new friends is always ok.

Juise's Avatar Juise 10:37 PM 02-24-2013

The South side main branch of the Herrick district library in Holland has a cafe area in the basement with a bunch of tables. I know they have all sorts of meetings there - knitting groups, reading groups, etc., but I don't think it would be ideal for a bunch of kids.


Oh, there is the play area in the Ghost Town West Shore Mall, I have taken the kids there a few times. I generally avoid those places as germ breeding cesspools, especially in winter, lol, but we could brave it a time or two if you guys want. wink1.gif You never know if it's going to be crowded or empty, though.

Gardenmommy, your place works, too, as long as that's something you're comfortable with and wouldn't be too much stress!

OSUvet's Avatar OSUvet 11:30 AM 02-25-2013

Sounds good - I would be up for either the mall (although I agree about the germs!), or gardenmommy's place. I will be working but off Tuesdays, so that would be the best day for me. How old are your kiddos again? I have a 2yo boy. 


Yes Gardenmommy - I met with 2 experienced GR homebirth  midwives and ended up going with Yolanda, but thanks. I am excited to finally have my first real appointment with her March 6th! (I am 25 weeks)

Juise's Avatar Juise 01:44 PM 02-25-2013

I have a 2 year old daughter and a 5 year old daughter.

OSU - I had both my babies with Yolanda Visser, I LOVE her. stillheart.gif She was the perfect midwife for me.

Juise's Avatar Juise 01:52 PM 02-25-2013

Oh yeah, and Tuesdays or whenever work for us. Uh.. we don't generally do very early in the morning, though. wink1.gif

gardenmommy's Avatar gardenmommy 01:55 PM 02-25-2013

Laura Slater is my midwife.  I interviewed Yolanda, and although she is very good, we didn't "click".  I love Laura, and have referred several people to her.

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