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staceyshoe's Avatar staceyshoe 09:29 AM 10-10-2010
I'm in Milford, Ohio and would like to find a certified homeopath. This is for my 5 y.o. with seasonal allergies. Any suggestions?

khaoskat's Avatar khaoskat 11:04 AM 10-10-2010
The Lavell Clinic (or something to that effect) in Cinci.

Cannot vouch for them though as I have no personale experience with them.
HRJ's Avatar HRJ 03:54 PM 10-12-2010
I am in Columbus, and my acupuncturist says there is an AMAZING homeopath in Cincy that is from India. I don't know her name. If you look at the National Center for Homeopathy online, they have a directory. That may help you. If you see someone that appears Indian, it would probably be the lady you are looking for - unless there is more than one!