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Refusing newborn eye ointment - Indiana

Ellen Griswold's Avatar Ellen Griswold (TS)
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Has anyone done this recently in Indiana? What did you have to do?
AutumnW's Avatar AutumnW
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yep I did it in june. Just tell the nurse that you're not doing it and she'll have you sign a release form. No big deal.
Adaline'sMama's Avatar Adaline'sMama
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I saw this in New posts and I just wanted to say I know lots of people who have delivered in Clark county and have refused. It was totally fine, they just made the ladies sign a release form. They also refused Vitamin K and Hep B without a problem.
Nitenites's Avatar Nitenites
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Yep. Did it with three of my four children, and I'll be doing it with this one, too. I just put it in my birth plan. (My nurses always read the birth plan.) I'm not even sure I signed a release. Never a problem. IIRC, the only things that we are required to do are the PKU and the hearing screen. I didn't have a problem with either, so we didn't put up a fuss about them. BTW, I'm in Indy.
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb
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I've declined both the eye ointment and the hep b with no problems at all. Just put it in your birth plan or let them know you're declining.
Persephone's Avatar Persephone
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I did it in June too (Hi Autumn! orngbiggrin.gif) And I just signed a form with my HB midwife. However, we took the baby to the dr the next day, and the ped there recommended it (not sure why, since it was pretty late by that point), but I just firmly restated my refusal, and she let me go. HTH!

~Christina~'s Avatar ~Christina~
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Yep, just had to sign a form that we were refusing it.

Rachelle Brandt's Avatar Rachelle Brandt
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Well, two years ago in Indiana I refused any newborn eye ointment, Vitamin K shots, Hep. B and antibiotics (I had tested positive for Group Strep B). This was all in my birth plan already signed by me. They didn't require anything additional for the eye ointment, but they did make me sign regarding the antibiotics.


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