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ccbloom's Avatar ccbloom 11:01 AM 01-14-2011

Anyone have a good rec for one? I am a little nervous just to try one.



Rodeo Mama's Avatar Rodeo Mama 07:04 AM 01-18-2011

Not surew where exactly you are, so this may not be relevant.  I love our chiro in Jackson.  I see him myself, but I've taken DS who has reflux in to see him as well.  He is also a clinical nutritionist and recommended some herbal stuff to try.

lynsage's Avatar lynsage 09:10 AM 01-18-2011

Dr. Brian Canadi is our chiro in South Lyon and he is great with kids and regularly adjusts our whole family including DD. I guess he "specializes" in kids, but I find him highly competent as an adult chiro for myself and DH as well.


Dr. Michael Husmillo in Troy is just a really excellent chiro overall and he has also adjusted my DD in the past.

~Kristina~'s Avatar ~Kristina~ 09:01 AM 01-19-2011

I take my children to Rumph Chiropractic (Dr. Becky) in Waterford.

636Jen's Avatar 636Jen 02:26 PM 01-19-2011

I highly recommend Dr Tasco in Rochester....Goodison Family Chiropractic.  He is awesome!

bananababies's Avatar bananababies 05:10 PM 02-01-2011

Dr. Michaella Walter in Royal Oak - she's wonderful with babies!