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merebella's Avatar merebella 07:22 PM 05-27-2011

Looking for a good chiro in SE MI for pelvic/alignment issues.  I'm 5 months pg right now and I'm pretty sure my pelvis played a role in my cs the first time around.


Anyone have a good experience with a DC, especially if you had pelvic issues?



mothercat's Avatar mothercat 09:26 PM 05-28-2011

What area of SE MI?


merebella's Avatar merebella 07:13 AM 05-29-2011

I'm on the east side. Grosse Pointe, but I'm willing to drive 20 minutes or so. 


~Kristina~'s Avatar ~Kristina~ 06:16 PM 05-29-2011

I use Becky Rumph at Rumph Chiropractic in Waterford and she does Webster.

SunRayeMomi's Avatar SunRayeMomi 08:01 PM 06-04-2011

Touch of Life Chiro in Shelby Twp.  We also do BirthNetwork meetings there, every second Thursday night at 7pm.  You could come to the meeting (free!)  learn about VBAC and talk to Dr. Sandie before even making an appointment :D

vilburmat's Avatar vilburmat 02:21 PM 06-21-2011

A great resource if you are still looking can be found at:

These docs also are great with infants and children.