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Fridaxsky's Avatar Fridaxsky 09:01 PM 08-02-2011

I've been checking through past threads and haven't come up with anything...confused.gif


Are there any mamas out there in Erie/Huron or the surrounding counties???  A friend and I are trying to put together a natural family living meet-up group where we can get together to discuss baby wearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, baby food making, organic gardening and all sorts of other topics.  There is a local LLL and a local CDing group but we're hoping to expand and get as many families involved as possible. 


If you're out there and interested in joining us, please check in!wave.gif

erinsuzy's Avatar erinsuzy 09:24 PM 08-28-2012

I know this is an older thread, but our family moved to Norwalk OH in November of 2011 from Kansas and we don't know anyone here but family. I would love to hear more about your meet-up groups if you ever check back here. I don't use Facebook, (and don't really want to) even though it could be easier to meet like-minded people.



dinomomma's Avatar dinomomma 07:02 PM 10-22-2012
I'm interested as well, I'm in fremont.