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buggismommi93's Avatar buggismommi93 12:11 AM 08-26-2011

i want a natural birth. This will of course be a vbac since i had a c-section with my first. i want to be able to move freely about and do my own thing while in labor such as shower, labor in a tub, walk, and so on.. what docs support this and what hospitals will allow this in columbus ohio??

khaoskat's Avatar khaoskat 04:25 PM 08-30-2011

Not 100% positive, but I think St. Anne's is the only one that has water VBAC's.  Join Central Ohio ICAN Yahoogroup and they can give you the information that you are looking for.


llwr's Avatar llwr 07:54 PM 10-03-2011

Women's Contemporary Health Care in Westerville is the most natural-friendly place around.  I think you have to see a doc vs a midwife, but I know there's one there who does VBACs.  I don't know him because he was hired on after I birthed, but I've heard good things and have only the best to say about the rest of the office. 


St. Anne's and Grant both have tubs, but I don't know their policies.  WCH midwives do waterbirths at St. Anne's. They're the only practice in Cols to offer them.