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laerhk's Avatar laerhk 07:29 AM 10-08-2011

I took my girls to another contagious family to share suckers and juice cups in late Sept.  It worked! My daughter caught it almost 2 weeks later to the day, and has blisters as we speak.  Lots of spots still cropping up, so I'm thinking Sunday evening or Monday daytime would ensure you get exposure for sure!


If I have anymore contagious kids later in the week, I'll post as I find out.  We live in Flint, MI, right at the highway intersection of I-69, M-23 and I-75.  Find me on facebook at Carrie Hoffman (Central Mich.) and message me for directions/details, etc.  I won't be checking the Mothering boards for responses, etc.



SunRayeMomi's Avatar SunRayeMomi 05:03 PM 10-11-2011

I couldn't seem to find you on Facebook but if these happen to make it into Macomb county...... well we'd really like to expose around Thanksgiving :)

jamebaby's Avatar jamebaby 09:46 AM 10-13-2011

We will be traveling to the area to visit family during Thanksgiving and would be interested as well. I'll try to contact you when the time is closer to see if you know of any at that time... Thanks!