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YoliBird's Avatar YoliBird 10:18 AM 11-28-2011

I called the office of Dupont OBGYN and they stated that Linda no longer works there and did not provide any forward information...Does anyone know where she is - I am desperate for a new midwife that delivers in hospital in this area! Please help if you can =) 

birthgreeter's Avatar birthgreeter 09:03 PM 11-28-2011

I would suggest if you want a hospital birth to go to Auburn.  I am not aware of any other midwives delivering in the hospitals in Ft. Wayne.  I do not know all of them either.  There may be more.


 You can check with the Ft. Wayne Doula net work they would be able to direct you  too.


(From A northern midwife)


Jazzmin's Avatar Jazzmin 12:04 PM 12-05-2011
Linda moved to Oklahoma about a year ago.
alliej's Avatar alliej 05:30 AM 12-16-2011

I think there is only one CNM that does hospital births in Ft Wayne now, Julie Stackhouse. There are several homebirth midwives around though.  But probably your best option is to go to Auburn (they have a birth center there now also) or Goshen Hospital is pretty natural birth friendly.