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Happywillow's Avatar Happywillow 08:53 PM 06-25-2012

I just moved to Indiana this month from Arkansas (where lay midwifery is legal and I've had three home births) and am looking for a midwife in Muncie or surrounding areas who could provide home birth services. I know the laws concerning home births and midwifery are different in Indiana and was hoping I might get some help or information here. Thank you!



Fruitful4Him's Avatar Fruitful4Him 06:25 PM 06-26-2012

Has anyone PM'd you?


I used to live in Muncie but have spent most of the past 10 years elsewhere. Anyways, I am a Doula familiar with the Muncie birth scene somewhat, but I am actually moving back to Muncie in about a month. I can send you a few referrals if no one has connected with you yet.

shadocat42's Avatar shadocat42 05:09 PM 06-27-2012

I highly recommend Believe Midwifery.  My son was born at home last November and it was a wonderful experience.  I'm not positive you're in her service area but there's a good chance.  http://believemidwiferyservices.com


Indiana law only allows CNMs for home birth.  Unfortunately, there are very, very few here.  I would highly suggest calling the office ASAP if you are interested.  They have a strict limit on the number of clients they accept each month.


I hope you find a match and have a great birth!

luvmi2kids's Avatar luvmi2kids 09:38 PM 06-27-2012

I love Brandi Wood, with Home4Birth. I have had 3 of my last at home with her and she is an amazing well educated Midwife!


Good luck with your search!

Happywillow's Avatar Happywillow 07:35 PM 06-28-2012

Thank you for the replies. I have contacted Brandi and will contact Believe. Fruitful, I would love any referrals or opinions you might have. Feel free to PM me. Thank you so much. 

naturalcrunch's Avatar naturalcrunch 09:01 PM 06-29-2012

I also had used Brandi. It was a wonderful experience! It was my first homebirth and I felt completely safe and comfortable with her.

Yarra's Avatar Yarra 12:28 PM 07-29-2013

Marisol Holman is a Anderson based midwife. I have a friend who has is having a 2nd delivery with her.