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Indiana, Ohio, Michigan > Anyone or any ideas on what to do with all this pumped breast milk?*****EDITED, PLEASE read!*****
Lovemy3babies's Avatar Lovemy3babies 11:55 PM 08-23-2008
My son is in the NICU. Hopefully we are going home monday, but I have pumped every 3 hours for 15 minutes since he was born, and he wasnt eating until yesterday, and i am here all day to nurse him, so he is only getting bottles at night. I have pumped over 125 bottles of milk, if not more, that is a conservative guess. I do not have room in my freezer for all of it. I have some at my house, they told me to stop bringing it here, since I have enough to feed the whole floor of babies they said lol.

I dont give bottles, so I am not sure what to do with all this. I am a non smoker, drinker, ect. I have nursed all my kids, this being my 4th. The lactation consultant here suggested donating it, but there is a huge screening process I guess. I am sure I have records or could get them for someone saying I dont have Hep or AIDS or anything.

If anyone wants this, or knows someone who could use it, it is all stored in 70 ml bottles from the hospital, with labels with my name, number and time and date of pumping session. Email me with ideas people, I would seriously get sick to my stomach to throw it all out, I have over 3 huge bags full.

***** I am meeting with someone tomarrow to drop off the milk! If something changes, ill let you all know! Thanks for all the replys!

ChickityChinah's Avatar ChickityChinah 12:17 AM 08-24-2008
PM'd you Mama!
JessicaE's Avatar JessicaE 12:55 AM 08-24-2008
If you call the Bronson Breastfeeding Center in Kalamazoo, they will gladly accept your milk as a donation! There is a minimum 100 oz donation, but it sounds like you're over that amount. They will have you ship it to them packed with dry ice.

I was a donor, and the screening process was actually quite simple (some paperwork to fill out, a form to send to my doctor, and bloodwork that they paid for, I just had to stop at the lab and get it drawn). They will be especially thrilled to have newborn milk, that is saved for the tiniest/sickest babies, and it is not as easy to come by.

The women there are so nice, and they will try to work with you to make the process run as smoothly as possible. You can call them at: (269) 341-8849.

I'm so glad your baby is coming a home! What a gift your milk will be to another child, particularly one who is premature or very ill.
SunRayeMomi's Avatar SunRayeMomi 12:29 PM 08-24-2008
There is a local baby that could use it who lost his mother while he was being born. Eileen Denomme would know how you can get the milk to him Thanks for thinking about donating, that rocks! :
skolbut's Avatar skolbut 03:13 PM 08-24-2008
I'm a low supply mama due in October... I'd love to fill my freezer with your stash (if you still have some)!! PM me with your info, I can make a road trip with a cooler to pick it up! Hope your little one is doing well and going home soon.
bananababies's Avatar bananababies 07:29 PM 08-24-2008
He's coming home!!! :

I've been following your story and I'm so excited that Benjamin is coming home tomorrow! I hope you've had the opportunity to find someone who can use your breastmilk. If not, contact the Breastfeeding Center of Ann Arbor through They're a bank for Bronson hospital, and a lot closer than Kalamazoo!

Congratulations. I wish I could give you a big hug!
courtenay_e's Avatar courtenay_e 09:23 PM 08-24-2008
There is another local mama who has low supply and I believe is making a road trip this weekend to get milk from somewhere around chicago for her infant. She's not getting a whole lot and I KNOW that she would take what you have in a heartbeat.
Michelle Renee's Avatar Michelle Renee 10:47 PM 08-24-2008
Im the low supply mamma mentioned by ChicktiyChinah andd courtenay.

ANyone who is willing to listen, heres of my supply issues.

I called and left you a message!

Me me me me!! We want milk!!

Ophelia wants to be a moose and eat it allllll!