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~ C.H.O.I.C.E.S. ~
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Free monthly community meetings held at the Hebron Community Center, 611 N. Main Street in Hebron. Doors open at 6:30, with the topic of discussion beginning at 7:00 pm the 1st Wednesday of each month. We encourage husbands and partners to also attend and of course nursing babies in arms are welcome here.
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~ September 3 ~

Homebirth: The Spirit, The Science, The Mother

In 80% of the world, babies arrive naturally, peacefully, safely and at home. In the United States, birth often happens in a much different way. It is more of a surgical procedure where powerful drugs and unnecessary caesarean sections have become commonplace. Come see a DVD featuring interviews with three doctors who capture the spirit, the science and the beauty of the homebirth experience. Share moments of joy as two families bring you into their homes on the day their child was born! There will be a in depth discussion with professionals and parents to address pros/cons, facts/myths after the film.

~ October 1 ~

All about Cesarean Sections & VBAC's (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

More than one out of every four babies is born by cesarean section today. With the highest rates ever in the USA, what can you do to avoid having this major abdominal surgery performed on you? We will address all of the things pertaining to this way of giving birth including the risks, the facts, the pro/cons, VBAC …You will hear many personal stories and feelings from those who have given birth this way, whether they wanted it, or not, whether they felt it was a life saving procedure, or that it wasn’t needed at all. Much expressing of emotions, so please come prepared to listen and learn with an open mind.

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This community info meeting is tomorrow night! The new Mothering Magazines are in, a free gift to those attending!!
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The truth about home birth safety, proven by studies to be just as
safe, if not safer than hospital birth. The doctor makes some
validated points that have been proven over and over again for
several years.


This topic will be addressed at the CHOICES Natural Birth & Parenting
Network free community meeting September 3 ~ Hebron Community Center.
Visit http://www.Indianabirthchoices.com for more info.