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namellea's Avatar namellea 12:37 AM 08-26-2008
So we are considering relocating to Greencastle, IN. It would be a HUGE change for us from the Philly in hopes that I could SAHM or work part time (i work VERY full time now). I am wondering if there are moms near there that could tell me about cost of living, how conservative is it (really!), will I be totally out of place as a lefty?, how much money would it take to live there eeking by? comfortably?

I know that's a lot of questions, but my husband is considering a job there that would be a big cut in our current household income, but it seems possible there... Anyone???

granolagina's Avatar granolagina 11:40 AM 09-02-2008
We live about 30 minutes east of Greencastle.

The cost of living is great around here. I am constantly amazed at how much people pay for homes around the country. (Yes, I am addicted to House Hunters on HGTV) We have a 3200 sq foot home built in 2000 with a big yard and our house payment is only $700 a month (taxes and insurance not included).

Unfortunately, it is very conservative for the most part. Greencastle might be different due to the college there. I am the rare liberal in a sea of Republicans! It doesn't matter to me though. I am a homeschooler also which is kind of rare in my town too.

There is a great AP network of mamas in Indianapolis. That could be an hour away or more for you though.
namellea's Avatar namellea 04:17 PM 09-08-2008
Thanks Gina! My husband had a second round interview and we hope to hear something soon. I am unduly fretting over this potential move and what it would mean financially and for our lives and all that.

My husband says he asked during the interview about the community and there was clearly a sense that the campus community is very different from the rest of the town. So while that may not be good for town/college relations it sounds like there are people "like us" there...

wow on the housing price! what about car insurance? I know it's really high here (we pay $160/mo for good coverage on a three year old modest sedan for two drivers with great records). and IN taxes? property and income? I figure gas and groceries are relatively similar.
nimblemama's Avatar nimblemama 10:31 PM 09-08-2008
My dh's family is from the Greencastle area. We visit there periodically. While DePauw University is there, it is a rather small campus. Houses are probably cheaper, but most are also pretty old. The town does not have much retail besides Wal-Mart, a few other stores I have no clue what they are, and a handful of fast food places. No offense, but the town and many residents there are pretty much "hickish" and "back woods". If you want to do any major shopping or connecting with others, you can drive 30-45 minutes to Terre Haute, Plainfield, or Indianapolis.
namellea's Avatar namellea 12:43 PM 09-09-2008
Nimblemama, yeah I visited the town. The retail options are downright depressing. But there is a Kroger in town and with online shopping, I still think we could mostly avoid Walmart (we boycott). Our families are in Louisville, so I figure we'll be there pretty often anyway. I understand that there are many many young children of faculty right now, so I'm hoping to connect with those parents. I like the charm of the older homes, myself, but I know that's always an extra expense.

There seemed to be 6-7 decent places to eat. Not super nice, but mexican restaurant, an italian place, etc. that are not chain places or fast food. At once a week out, that's enough. I was happy that the town square has little shops and such, even though they aren't particularly high rent sort of places (so many small towns have the local hardware store closed since the mega stores arrived). But yeah, I am sure we'd have to go to Indianapolis or Louisville or someplace else to eat sushi.

My biggest concern right now is over money. The job doesn't pay all that well (well, compared to our current income), and I'm trying to figure out if we could live on just that one income. Because, you know, what in the world would I do there? My current career wouldn't be an option...
listipton's Avatar listipton 08:11 PM 09-09-2008
Welcome potential Midwesterner! I live about 40-50 miles from Greencastle in a very small community. My husband and survive on one income of just under 40,000. It can be tight sometimes, but it can be done. hope this helps
namellea's Avatar namellea 01:36 PM 09-10-2008
Thanks Listipton!
CharlieToaster's Avatar CharlieToaster 12:01 AM 09-12-2008

I cannot tell you about Greencastle. We live in Fishers, north east of Indianapolis. We've been here for 6 months, lived in Indianapolis for 6 months before buying a house and moving up here.

I grew up in Newark, Delaware and my husband and I owned a house in Wilmington, DE for 7 years. He commuted to CC Philly and Cherry Hill. We sold our 60 year old house in Wilmington and bought a 7 year old house here that's twice the size for a lot less. I'm a SAHM with two kids under 5. It's like heaven here.

I took the boys to visit my parents for 2 weeks this summer and I was amazed at the difference. Everyone here is so friendly. I never have a problem starting a conversation with anyone. I missed it so much. When we saw the first sign in Ohio with Indinapolis on it I was thanking God!! Have never been so happy to be home! The people here are healthier and happier and much more laid back than the east coast. Indiana is conservative but the whole area has grown so much over the past years that there are all sorts here. I belong to a co-op preschool for my son which is very liberal. There are plenty of people on the left here. If it's a good job. GO FOR IT!!!! The place is just crawling with kids and SAHM's.