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Motherhood504's Avatar Motherhood504 06:49 PM 08-27-2008
Hi! My family and I just moved to Dayton, OH, and I'd like some recommendations for primary care doctors for myself and for my kids (especially the kids). We home birth and do not vaccinate. I'd really like someone who will support my right to make those kinds of decisions and not give me a hard time about it. I don't want someone who's going to be fussy about well-baby exams or want to quickly prescribe something for every little thing. You know the type. Anyway, bring on the recommendations! I'll have to cross-check them with the list of our insurance (TriCare) providers, so I would love to have as many (good) names as I can get. Thanks!!

mysonshine's Avatar mysonshine 08:26 PM 08-27-2008
Not sure where you are but most at Cornerstone Pediatrics in Springboro are good w/ no vax (but they have a form), no circ (just gotta watch), extended BF. Some seem a little quick to prescribe but not always.
Wish I could help for a family dr but any I've heard of are farther away for me.
calipigeon's Avatar calipigeon 01:33 AM 08-28-2008
Christine Weller is not ok.