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mary3mama's Avatar mary3mama 06:00 PM 08-28-2008
I couldn't find any rules saying I couldn't post this here...if there are, my apologies.

Our home is on the market. It is just north of I-465 (though you can't see it or hear it from the house) and just south of Carmel.

All services and utilities the same as Carmel, but at a hugely-lower property tax rate.

Seriously, YEARLY taxes (not half) are about $800!

Carmel-Clay schools (Orchard Park Elem. is NEXT DOOR); Carmel-Clay public library...

Centrally located to everything.

Here's a blog I created with pix and our realtor's contact info. (BTW, realtor is an AP-papa to 3 little girls himself!)

The yard is ENORMOUS! The neighbors are nice...the neighborhood is nice, but not at all uppity. BEST neighborhood in Hamilton Co. in terms of good home values, easy-going neighbors, access to everything.

Thanks for reading! I'm devoted to selling this home to another AP family!